Micro-pigmentation Technicians See Return On Investment

micropigmentation techniciansHave you ever considered a career in the growth field of micro-pigmentation? The profession can be creative, fulfilling, and lucrative for those who are committed to helping people look and feel their best.
Recent years have seen a significant increase in the number of women undergoing micro-pigmentation procedures such as eyebrow definition or lip colour augmentation for the convenience and enhanced beauty that permanent makeup can bring to their lives.
And, due to advances in technology, many clients have become interested in micro-pigmentation to help improve the look of damaged skin. People suffering from vitlingo, which causes a loss of pigmentation, can often be helped by the process. Micro-pigmentation can help to camouflage burn or post-operative scars. Patients undergoing breast reconstruction or chemotherapy treatments may also be ideal candidates for the procedure.
This demand for micro-pigmentation services has led to a shortage of technicians trained in the skill. Consequently, many practitioners of micro-pigmentation have been improperly trained and lack experience. Most clients seek out well-trained and certified technicians, which means that opportunities abound for those who possess training and skill.
Unlike many other fields, the return of investment on micro-pigmentation training is rapid and high. Training at a highly reputable institution in Canada will cost you about $3,500, and financial help may be available. A high quality digitally controlled computer tattoo machine will cost a little over $4,000. Supplies such as pigments, anaesthetics, needles and gloves necessary to start practicing will add approximately $1,000 more, making your start-up costs somewhere in the $9,000 range. When you consider that the average procedure costs $350 - $500 per hour, you can see that it will not take long to recoup your investment. In fact, you could conceivably make enough money in one week to break even!
Realistically, it will probably take a little longer, as you will need to factor in other expenses. But if you're interested in esthetics, and in making people feel good about them-selves, you should investigate training as a micro-pigmentation technician today.
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